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Class Room

Class Room

Classes are conducted with a maximum of six children and their parents. Yes, the parents. Parents play a significant role in Shichida lessons, especially in younger children's lessons*. They sit right behind their child and take the lessons alongside them. Parents are often amazed at what their children can do and quickly learn about their role as a parent: love, praise and accept. They discover the correct balance of parent involvement that promotes their child’s independence. Shichida classes are for parents as much as they are for children.

*Depending on the child’s readiness, between three and four years old, we ask parents to step away from the lesson. Classes for older children are usually conducted without their parents present in the classroom.


Shichida instructors are carefully selected from among many candidates. To become qualified as a certified Shichida instructor, individuals must go through rigorous training and testing provided by the Shichida headquarters in Japan.

Also, the instructors continuously engage in training and continued education so that they can deliver top-quality lessons. Since the instructor holds the key to lesson success, peer and managerial critiques are also regularly conducted to ensure our instructor quality. Finally, periodical workshops are held to update instructors on the newest educational methods. Shichida instructor certificates are only valid at official Shichida Centers.

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Learning Materials

In Shichida Laos Center, the learning materials more than 80% import from Schida Head Quarter in Japan.  All materials are really high qualified and productive to support children develop their IQ quickly.

There are the right materials for every activity is essential for delivering a successful lesson.

At Shichida, we have a vast collection of learning materials designed for every stage of a child’s development.

We offer manipulatives, flashcards, Dot cards, puzzles, mazes, tangrams, worksheets, music, and language-learning materials.

Our product line-up includes over 11,500 different learning materials, many of them Shichida originals.

Parents can also support their child's development at home by ordering select Shichida products through their local Center.

Also, Shichida books and publications can be purchased through your local Center or bookstores in the selected countries.

Learning Materials

There are 12 picture books that were translated into Lao version.

The picture book has taught the EQ of children to be brave, patient, diligent, responsible and helpful.

Lao Children really love listening these pictures from their parents. It’s really nice.